Children's Charity Art Auction

Around the World and Back


Modeled after 1 Peter 4:10, our annual children's charity art auction gives all of our students and friends opportunities to use their gifts to serve the community by selling their art to support local children's charities and The Boys and Girls Christian Home in India.


Past local recipients include Blind Sports Organization, Child Inc., Delaware Hospice Camp New Hope, Urban Promise, The Down Syndrome Association of Delaware and The Miracle League (baseball league for youth with disabilities).

Changing Communities

Community Service / Volunteering


Art Studio 4:10 actively seeks opportunities for students to volunteer in the community.  Students have opportunities to serve adults and children with disabilities by participating in community art outreach projects.


If you would like to participate in a volunteer activity, please go to Contact Us and send an email to Art Studio 4:10.   

Community Networks

Connect with Other Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities

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Creative kids

Academy - Art Classes


Art Studio 4:10 Academy offers classes that include painting of various types, kiln- fired pottery, mosaics, drawing skills, print making etc. Classes are taught in a group setting at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Private lessons are available for all levels and special needs. All classes can be adapted to fit your child's special needs and are designed for success. 


For more information on classes go to Contact Us and send an email to Art Studio 4:10.